Michael recently became an Adjunct Professor at Eastern Michigan University.  In the past year, he has taught watercolor painting courses to students at the graduate level to non-majors who have never touched a brush to paper or canvas.  Below is a small sampling of the work done by Michael's introductory students. Almost all of these new artists have no background in studio art whatsoever.

The name below the work is the name of the artist not the name of the painting's subject.


                                                 Jason Promo                                               Dana Stemo


                                           Neil Simikowski                                                     Rose Hobbins


                                       Mariya Karimova                                                Shfae Mohammed


                              Conghzhe Xu                                           Lauren Dobiesz

...more to come soon



                                            Angela Hartley                                                           Kelly Shanks


Michael will be hosting a watercolor workshop in October of 2011 for the Ann Arbor

Women's Artist organization. Email Michael or the AAWA if you would like more information as it comes available.

Specific information will also be available in the next few months on this website.




Michael is now a member of  the"State of Mind Gallery" at 12 Oaks Mall in Novi.  His work, and the work of 40 other Michigan artists, will be on display until mid May.  The gallery will reopen October 1st, 2010.


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Michael's work will also be in the "Winter Doldrums" show, an evening of art, music, and film on April 3rd at the "Forth From It's Hinges Gallery" in Ann Arbor.  Find more information at


Michael's work can always be seen at Angelo's Restaurant in Ann Arbor.  Find more information about the famous landmark restaurant here;

Michael C Konas
Phone: 734 474 0303

All work and publishing rights retained by the artist.