Artist Information

Michael C. Konas is an artist living near Ann Arbor, Michigan. His training occurred at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, after which he attended Eastern Michigan University for his MFA in Painting.  Since then, he has been working by commission on unique originals as well as exploring his own more thematic work.


  His commissioned work has primarily been large, expressive portraits based upon photos of his clients' ancestors.  His ability to bring a new and contemporary look to an old, well worn image complements his skill at capturing the likenesses of his subjects.  



Michael is currently working on one of the largest commissions he has painted.  Working from over twenty client photos,he is combining images of over 18 of his client's relatives onto a canvas over 8 feet wide and nearly 5 feet high.  He has been documenting the process on a weekly basis through photos and will be displaying that progression on this website in the next few months. 

Michael is available for commissions although lead times do vary.  Please, contact Michael via email with any inquiries.


Michael's non-commissioned work consists of figurative pieces exploring personal history and identity or sports themed pieces that either document pivotal moments or depict sports stars in a monumental fashion.   These pieces have been shown in many venues and always seem to draw a lot of attention and interest. Both types of work display the artist's confident line and brushwork and evoke a sense of mystery and ambiguity.

Michael is now offering prints of his work in either an 8"x 10" or 11"x 14" format.  Either size may be ordered matted or unmatted.  Please, contact Michael via email for orders.




Michael C Konas
Phone: 734 474 0303

All work and publishing rights retained by the artist.